Oldenburg School for the Social Sciences and the Humanities: “From Tradition to Transformation: Maximizing Youths’ Full Potential through Paradigm Shifts in the Field of School Attendance”

Vortrag “From Tradition to Transformation: Maximizing Youths’ Full Potential through Paradigm Shifts in the Field of School Attendance” mit David Heyne, PhD

This presentation takes us on an illuminating journey through the field of school attendance, combining insightful analysis with compelling data from studies. Discover the (un)remarkable progress made in the 90 years since Broadwin’s groundbreaking exploration of “a form of truancy associated with neurosis”. Delve into the pressing question of why so many young people struggle to form a positive relationship with education. Discover the imminent paradigm shifts that are set to reshape our approach to school attendance, offering a host of benefits for young people, families, professionals, and communities alike. We will also delve into the role played by the International Network for School Attendance in supporting scientific advancements and driving meaningful change in practice. Prepare to be inspired as we explore the past, present, and future of school attendance and its transformative potential.  

Engage in a thought-provoking Question and Answer session where you can actively participate and share your unique perspective as an educator, (young) researcher, or person with lived experience. Reflect on the presentation and dive deeper into the field of school attendance. Consider the following thought-provoking questions from your specific vantage point.

Kurz-Biographie – Short biographical note

Dr. David Heyne brings 30 years of experience in the field of school attendance, encompassing practical, research, and scholarly work. He is co-founder of the International Network for School Attendance (INSA) and the Dutch Knowledge Network for School Attendance (KNSA), and provides freelance services through Excellence in Attendance Support. David has experience as Associate Professor in Developmental and Educational Psychology (Leiden University, the Netherlands, 2003-2023), Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Training and Research in Developmental Health (Melbourne University, Australia, 2000-2003), Lecturer in the Faculty of Education (Monash University, Australia, 1999-2000), and Clinical Services Manager for the Centre for Developmental Psychiatry and Psychology (Monash University, Australia, 1992-1999). His research and scholarship examine the reasons young people have difficulty attending school, with a focus on ways to support young people, families, and school personnel when young people find it hard to attend school because of anxiety or depression. Additionally, he devotes his expertise to the development and evaluation of assessment tools and interventions, including questions of ‘for whom’ interventions work and ‘how’ they work.

Ansprechperson: Dr. Monika Bourmer (Koordination)

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5. Oktober 2023



5. Oktober 2023


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